Integrated Management Solution™
Safety Management and Quality Management are serious components of your business.

So serious in fact, they could be instrumental in your competitiveness and future success within this dynamic industry.

Your Safety Management System (SMS) and your Quality Management System (QMS), are very different in there function and purpose, but both strive for the equivalent end result of safety. Without integration, you will likely find conflicting processes that work against each other to impede progress towards the ultimate objective. Having integrated solutions that are complimentary, will harmonize the way you do business and have a lasting effect on all your stakeholders.

Through various initiatives we are striving to make our industry, and you; safer, more competitive and more profitable through an effective program to increase efficiency. QAS will analyze your needs and recommend only what is appropriate, and then partner with you to implement the mutually accepted solution.

For less cost than assigning one full time executive to the task, you will receive the benefit of a QAS team of experts. We are knowledgeable, trained professionals dedicated to the sole task of developing a distinct program suited to you, while allowing your busy human resources to focus on their own primary roles.

By subscribing to our QAS Integrated Management Solution™ for a 1- 3 year program, you will derive benefit from compliance, process integration and peace of mind for years to come, while saving valuable time and manpower, and reducing your costs substantially.

QAS Aviation International Limited can help you develop and implement a completely Integrated Management System, tailor-made to fit your needs.