Safety Management Systems
On 01 January 2009, global aviation authorities will make the implementation of Safety Management Systems mandatory for most air operators. For many airlines and flight departments alike, this regulatory change will represent a fundamental shift in the structure of their current safety systems.

Although much information is available describing it, a lack of understanding exists in how to properly implement an SMS within an organisation. As the 01 January 2009 deadline looms closer, many airlines and other operators will rush to implement their SMS and will, as a result, make mistakes leading to even longer implementation timelines.

Invariably, most air operators will under-estimate the length of time it will take them to introduce an SMS into their organisation, while at the same time, over-estimate the amount of time remaining until the implementation deadline arrives.

At QAS Aviation International, we specialize in implementing SMS and can ensure your Safety Management System is appropriate to your operation, cost-effective and most importantly, not only meets, but exceeds, regulatory requirements and customer expectations.