Measuring aviation safety performance brings with it specific challenges when selecting audit services for your organization. Differing safety oversight requirements can make knowing what type of audit service to select a difficult task and making the right choice is crucial for an audit, or series of audits, to be effective.

QAS Aviation International conducts Quality Audits and Safety Audits that best suit your organization's safety oversight needs and requirements and work closely with your staff to ensure your company's audit objectives are achieved.

When you select QAS Aviation International to fulfill your organization's audit service requirements, our certified auditors will ensure your audit is professionally planned, conducted and reported in line with industry best practices, ensuring your company's regulatory and contractual requirements are met on time and on budget.

For even greater cost-benefit realization, your company may wish to consider the advantages associated with fully outsourcing its Quality and Safety Auditing needs. The QAS Integrated Management Solution™ provides your organisation with a coordinated Audit Program that meshes both Quality and Safety for maximum efficiency, while at the same time eliminating audit redundancy and enabling better utilization of company resources.

QAS Integrated Management Solution™

Quality Audits

Safety Audits