Quality Audits
As an air service provider, you face the ongoing challenge of maintaining regulatory compliance, while at the same time conforming to your own standards and procedures.

Conversely, if you occasionally or regularly contract air transport operators in support of your operations, an independent assessment is required to determine the extent to which an operator is achieving regulatory compliance and provide you with the confidence the safety of your personnel will not be compromised.

In both cases, the internal resources provided to monitor compliance can, at times, be insufficient. By outsourcing your organisation's compliance monitoring requirements to QAS Aviation International, you are maximising the results of your internal quality oversight budget in two ways.

First, our staff's broad range of industry experience enables them to quickly and accurately assess compliance deficiencies. Secondly, your company reaps the benefits of knowing an entire team of professionals is in the background, constantly working to monitor your compliance needs.

QAS Aviation International can conduct internal and second party quality audits of the following:
  • JAR-OPS 1
  • JAR-OPS 3
  • JAR-145
  • FAR Part 91, 121 & 135
  • ISO 9001:2000